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Juniors at Lowestoft Chess Club

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Club Members

Eric Albrow
Eric is a long standing member of the club, he has given more than most for this club. He was Club Secretary for many years. He stills plays a mean game and we are waiting for him to return to League action in the future.
Keith Garrod
Keith is the longest serving member of the club, now in his eighties he still has the enthusiasm of a ten year old. He radiates chess. He is our Honorary President, of which we are very proud.
Leon Hines
Leon for many a season now has been the main player at the club. He has supported the team by leading from the front. He has won the Norfolk Championships Challengers 2008 and has won the Peter Vivien Shield at the Norfolk Open and this should make him our highest honoured player.
Warren Kingston
Warren firsted joined the club back in the late eighties and has just returned, after re-igniting his love of chess. He has improved no end and recently won the Norfolk Championship Challengers and was awarding the Baxter Trophy from the Norfolk Chess Association. He is currently the B Team Captain.
Jason Leverett
Jason is our highest graded player and board one player for the first team, you can see he has a keen understanding of the chessboard. He brings with him security for the first team, its nice that he can lead the team like he does. Hopefully he can learn and improve and gain some valuable grading points,
Mark Nettleton
Mark plays for the first team and has quite a chess pedgree, he has played Nigel Short in his youth and has play Victor Korchnoi in a simul. He is a very keen player and plays in many tournaments.
Graham Plain
Graham has just retrned to Lowestoft Chess Club and chess itself after a few years away from the game. He was 150 player at one point and is trying hard to regain that grade. He supports and plays for the B Team this year, but may move up to the A team if results go his way.
Mark Pooley
Mark is the hub of the club, has played for the club for many years now. He currently plays for the B Team, this is too support the youngsters in their development. He played at the Hastings Tournament last year and is playing again this year. You can follow his progress here this year.
Charles Wilson
Charles is from the United States of America, he is our resident chess expert, his knowledge of chess openings is the highest in the club. He plays for the A Team and is slowly gaining points and starting to show signs of really getting back to where he belongs.
Karthik Saravanan
Karthik Saravanan, remember the name, you are going to hear it a lot in the future. This young man is starting to make big gains in his chess game. He has just beaten both Keith Garrod and Daniel in the Club Championships as well as recording two victories in this years League campaign for the B team. He won his section in this years Thetford Rapidplay, which qualified him for the London Junior Chess Championships where he went and won the Minor U10 section. He also won the Norfolk U10 Chess Championships. Edit: Karthik has just won the U12 Thetford Rapidplay 2012
Jordan May
Jordan is a very keen chess player, he has represented the club in the Third Division for the B team this year. Helping the club to the top of the division and hopefully he can help us win the Division. He recently won the Norfolk Junior Chess Championships in the U11 section. He recently beat Warren and Keith in this years Christmas Rapidplay Tournament. A bright future is awaiting this young man.
Henry Nettleton
Henry is fast becoming an accomplished chess player, he is the son of Mark, a main member of the club, he plays on Saturdays in Yarmouth and is fast improving. Hopefully he can represent the club next season.
Len Wilson
Len will be representing the C team this coming year and hopefully will enjoy it and learn a lot.
James Nolloth
James has taken on the captaincy of the C team for this coming season. He is a player willing to learn and take everything in. With a season under his belt we can expect to see a very good player emerge.
Ross Ritchie
Ross is quite a strong player as it is, he will take a few scalps this year. No doubt will be pushing for a place in the B team this season or next.
Virinchi Velchuru
This young man has of late displayed some excellent chess, most defintley going to be a very good player.