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Ladder Tournament 2012: updated 12-10-2012

Warren Kingston
Mark Pooley
Graham Plain
Leon Hines
Mark Nettleton
Charles Wilson
Keith Garrod
Eric Albrow
Karthik Saravanan
Ross Richie
Virinchi Velchuru
Pranav Gajawada
Sean Cooper
Len Wilson
Laya Susaparaju
Rotran Jain

Recent Results

  • 13-08-2012 Warren Kingston vs Mark Nettleton 1-0
  • 13-08-2012 Mark Nettleton vs Charles Wilson 1-0
  • 13-08-2012 Charles Wilson vs Mark Nettleton 0-1
  • 13-08-2012 Warren Kingston vs Mark Pooley 1-0
  • 07-08-2012 Leon Hines vs Graham Plain 0-1
  • 30-07-2012 Mark Nettleton vs Graham Plain 0-1
  • 23-07-2012 Warren Kingston vs Mark Pooley 0-1
  • 16-07-2012 Pranav Gajawada vs Virinchi Velchuru 0-1
  • 16-07-2012 Graham Plain vs Keith Garrod 1-0
  • 09-07-2012 Mark Nettleton vs Graham Plain 0-1
  • 09-07-2012 Charles Wilson vs Mark Nettleton 0-1
  • 09-07-2012 Mark Nettleton vs Charles Wilson 0-1
  • 09-07-2012 Mark Pooley vs Waren Kingston 1-0

Not much activity on the ladder at the moment. I'm not expecting to see all that many games being played while the NCCA league is in progress. However, if you have a spare hour a ladder game will fill that slot nicely. The only change from the last update is the removal of D. Jackson and J. May from the list of players. These individuals have left the club.


  • In general, a player may challenge any other player above his or her position who is within three places of his own position. Places as shown on either the latest emailed list or the list shown above will be considered valid. Invalid challenges are not accepted for use in the adjustment of relative position on the ladder. The challenger is responsible for verifying the validity of the challenge.

  • Members are not required to accept more than one challenge per week. Otherwise, however, members must accept valid challenges from other members, or accept a loss by default. Once a challenge has been made the match must be played within two weeks of the challenge being issued. Players are not required to accept a challenge from another player they have defeated within the past two weeks. Matches may be played at any mutually agreed venue, such as at the club, at a player's home, the Cottage Coffee Shop, etc..

  • Players may issue or accept more than one challenge at a time. If a challenge was valid at the time of issue, changes in list positions that would normally cause the previously issued challenge to now be invalid are ignored. For example if player A challenges player B when player B is three places higher in the list, and by the time the match is played changes in the list have increased the gap to five places; because the challenge was valid when issued the match between player A and player B will still count for list position adjustment.

  • The challenged player may select the time and location of the match; however, the time and location must be mutually agreeable to both players. We would expect most matches to be played at club meetings. Other venues are optional and may be declined by either player.

  • The standard rules of thirty (30) minute games apply to ladder matches. Colours are to be decided by random choice (by a flip of a coin, etc.). The winner of the match is responsible for reporting the results to one of the ladder tournament controllers (Charles Wilson or Graham Plain) within 48 hours. If the result is not notified to the controllers the match result will not count. Pretty obvious really, since if we don't know the match result we can't apply it to the list positions. Matches will only be graded if both players request this and both players are members of the ECF.

  • The winner of a match should provide the following information:

    • date and venue of the match
    • players involved and result of the match
    • if the match is to be graded (only if both players are ECF members.)

    Please use the slips provided for reporting results when possible. Slips can be found in the small white plastic case, which should be kept with the Ladder Challenge folder in one of the club supplies boxes.

  • If the challenger wins the match he or she will move up the list to the place directly above the challenged player. Any other result will not change the list positions.

  • These rules will be interpreted and disputes between members will be settled at the sole discretion of the ladder coordinators, with the primary consideration being fairness and the promotion of sportsmanship behaviour.